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Drive Electric Vermont Logo

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Printed Resources and Translations

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Electric Vehicles Incentives Information

Electric Vehicles Fact Sheet

Replace Your Ride Postcard

Social Media Assets

Help spread the word about Vermont’s EV incentives by sharing the posts below.

EV Incentives, General

Copy: Did you know you can get thousands of dollars in incentives on the purchase or lease of a new or used EV? Find out how much you can get.


New Plug-in Electric Vehicle Incentives

Copy: The State of Vermont is offering up to $5,000 in incentives when you buy or lease a new EV. You can even get that price taken off directly at the point of sale or lease at participating dealerships!


Mileagesmart Incentive Program

Copy: Have you heard about the MileageSmart incentive program? Income-eligible Vermonters can get up to $5,000 off a used high-efficiency vehicle.


eBike Incentives

Copy: In the market for an eBike? The State of Vermont has incentives up to $800 for eligible electric bicycles.

Replace Your Ride Incentive Program

Copy: Got a clunker? Get up to $5,000 when you trade in your eligible old, gas-powered car for a new or used EV or prepaid debit card to use on clean transportation.


Drive Electric Vermont, General:

Copy: Is it cheaper to drive an electric vehicle? Where can you charge on the road? What incentives are there when you make the switch? Drive Electric Vermont can help you decide if an EV is right for you.


Newsletter Content

Use the text below in your own newsletter or submit it for inclusion in someone else’s. This verbiage is also just the right length for submission to your town’s Front Porch Forum. Just copy and paste.


Headline: Save thousands on an electric car.

Body Copy: There are more incentives than ever to bring down the cost of a purchased or leased EV. Between Federal, State, utility, auto-maker, and dealer incentives, you can get thousands of dollars off asking price. You can even trade in an old gas-guzzler for an additional incentive at the time of purchase! Start planning by learning about these incentives today.


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Drive Electric Vermont, General

Headline: Is an EV right for you?

Body copy: Depending on your driving needs, it may be! Plugging in is like paying $1.50 a gallon. Plus, without the oil changes and all the other moving parts of a gas car, EVs require less maintenance, too. Learn about the benefits of driving electric – from incentives to charging and everything in between.


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