Let’s Drive Electric, Vermont.

Up to $6,500 in local incentives and $7,500 in federal tax credits.

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Find an EV that’s right for you

With more options than ever, you can find the right EV for you. Our tool lets you quickly compare available new EV models.

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What about charging?

Most charging happens at home, but with over 300 charging stations in Vermont, you can go the distance in an EV.

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It costs less to own an EV

Plugging in is like paying $1.50 a gallon, and EVs need less maintenance than gasoline cars. Calculate your savings here.

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The number of EVs on Vermont’s roads rose 44% this past year. Electric vehicles let you do it all.

  • Enjoy a better driving experience
  • Say goodbye to frequent maintenance costs
  • Save money on the cost of ownership
  • Drastically reduce emissions, keeping the air cleaner for future generations.