About Us

Drive Electric Vermont is a statewide public-private partnership of policy makers, industry leaders, and ordinary citizens accelerating transportation electrification in the green mountain state. 

Our work includes several focus areas:
1. EV Education and Outreach – Vermonters’ EV awareness continues to grow, but many consumers do not have direct experience with EVs. Our online resources and events help familiarize the technology and options available in the state making it easier to switch over witih an EV purchase.

2. EV Charging Infrastructure Development – The availability of charging infrastructure at home and work is critical to advancing EV adoption. Public charging also provides potential EV owners with greater confidence that electric vehicles will meet their travel needs across the state and beyond. DEV is working to advance charging across the state by providing technical assistance, developing funding opportunities, and supporting electric utilities in advancing infrastructure development.

3. EV Incentive Programs – DEV works with the State of Vermont and electric utilities to support consumers and auto dealers interested to learn more about EV purchase incentives available to Vermonters.

4. Stakeholder Coordination – VEIC convenes stakeholders from state government, non-governmental organizations, electric utilities, EV charging providers, auto dealers and others interested in advancing EVs in the state. Please contact us if you would like more information on joining this group.

Need more information? Please get in touch with your questions!