Reason #5 to Drive Electric

May 16, 2013

The Sherman Family, Richmond, Vermont

REASON #5 TO DRIVE ELECTRIC: Make it a family affair 

At the Sherman household, everyone takes part in driving electric—including Adam and Kara’s son! Pictured above, Olin helps out by plugging in the car to the power cord whenever it’s time to recharge. 

The Shermans leased their Prius Plug-in Hybrid back in July of 2012. Plug-in hybrids are powered by a combination of battery power and gasoline engine, and generally don’t travel as far as all-electric vehicles on battery power alone. But since Kara (the primary driver of the vehicle) does a lot of short distance driving around town, she can frequently go for weeks on end without needing to fill up the gasoline tank. 

Kara says, “We live in the Village of Richmond and try to walk, bike, or take the bus as much as possible. But when we do need to drive, it is great to use a vehicle that saves us a lot of money on our annual gas budget.”