Reason #4 to Drive Electric

May 09, 2013

Steve Webster, Underhill, Vermont

Reason #4 to Drive Electric: Cleaner Air (and Zero Emission Operation Potential)

Steve picked up his Nissan LEAF on May 31, 2012, and he’s been loving it ever since.  He decided to go with an all-electric vehicle rather than a hybrid or the partially gas-powered electric vehicle because he wanted to show that zero emission transportation is possible, even here in Vermont. He considers the LEAF to be his “solar electric car.” In 2009 he installed a photovoltaic (solar electric) system on his barn, and oversized it so that he could produce power for neighbors as well as for an electric car someday.  Now that system is producing clean, renewable electricity to power his EV. (Learn more here.)

Steve says, “I figured that the few times I need to go long distances I’d take a train or bus if feasible, or rent a car. Why operate a car that pollutes all the time for the few days a year that I need to travel a long distance?”