Reason #3 to Drive Electric

May 02, 2013

Henry Sharp, Thetford, Vermont

REASON #3 TO DRIVE ELECTRIC: The Unexpected Conveniences

It took Henry almost a year to buy his all-electric Tesla Roadster because he worried about the sacrifices he thought he would have to make. A month after he bought the car, he realized that he’d made far more sacrifices to drive with gas than with electric. Unexpected benefits include how quiet the car is to drive, getting into a warm car on cold mornings without wasting energy warming up a gas motor, and electric traction control that is more responsive in snow and ice. He enjoys waking up to a full battery every day—he no longer worries about making it to work because he forgot to fill up his tank. Best of all, Henry loves the convenience of never having to buy gas.

Henry says, “Owning an EV feels like I’ve been let in on the best kept secret.”