Enhanced Vehicle Incentive Programs for 2023 Flood-Impacted Residents

August 15, 2023

Enhanced incentives for vehicles impacted by 2023 flooding events expired on February 29, 2024. Please contact the Center for Sustainable Energy's support team if you need assistance with any of the offers listed below at [email protected] or 1-888-807-0446.


Additional incentives are available to Vermont residents whose cars have been damaged by flooding. The State has modified its programs so that you can get more money back when you buy or lease an EV or trade in your vehicle for other clean-mobility options. 

Read on to learn about the enhanced incentives available to income-eligible Vermonters whose cars were damaged by flooding.

Replace Your Ride Program  - Up to $5,000 for scrapping a 10+ year old gas- or -diesel-powered vehicle for cleaner transportation options

  • The drivability requirement is waived for flood damaged vehicles

Learn More or Apply for the Replace Your Ride Program

Incentive Program for New Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs)  - Up to $5,000 for a new purchased or leased PEV

  • An additional $1,000 incentive (up to $6,000 total) is available to Vermonters replacing a flood-damaged vehicle

Learn More or Apply for the New PEV Program

MileageSmart Program  - Income-eligible Vermonters get up to 25% back (up to $5,000) on the cost a used high-efficiency vehicle

  • The 25% cap is waived for eligible Vermonters replacing a flood-damaged vehicle (receive the full $5,000 incentive)

Learn More or Apply for the MileageSmart Program

Program participants may use these programs to stack state incentives together (for up to $11,000 off the price of a new PEV and up to $10,000 off the price of a used PEV) as well as with other local utility rebates and federal tax credits.

To get your enhanced incentive, complete the application process as you would for the standard incentive. You will be prompted to verify and confirm that you are applying for the enhanced incentive during the application process.

These offers will be available until February 29, 2024

Learn more about the State of Vermont's transportation incentive programs and apply for your incentives here.