(Video) Ross Powers Plugs In to Electric Vehicles

June 02, 2015

You may know Ross Powers as the Gold Medalist U.S. Olympic snowboarder, Snowboard Program Director at The Stratton Mountain School (SMS), and founder of the Ross Powers Foundation for athletes with financial need. At Drive Electric Vermont, we’ve also had the chance to get to know Ross as an electric car driver!

Check out the video of Ross driving his electric car on Stratton Mountain in snowy and muddy conditions. Just like Ross, the car takes the mountain like a champ.

Ross, like an increasing number of Vermonters, knows that the technology to tap into cleaner, renewable driving is here, all we need to do is plug in. We were thrilled to introduce electric car driving to Ross this spring. We can’t wait to see where his travels take him.

According to Ross, an electric car, “fits my needs; I put the snowboards on the roof, fit the whole family in the car, and my gear in the back, and I’m ready to go to the mountain.” He is driving a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with a range of 19 miles before switching seamlessly to gasoline powered operation. For him, “Driving an EV is just like any other car.”

Our overview of different types of EVs provides more information on options and issues to consider if you are thinking of joining the movement to #PluginVT.

If you enjoyed watching the video of Ross Powers, you can follow along on Facebook and Twitter as Ross drives plug-in hybrid electric cars provided by Ford and Lamoille Valley Ford for the next 2 months!