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There are more than 2 dozen models of plug-in cars available in Vermont. Use our comparison table to find one that is right for you.

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It’s time to put the brakes on pollution & breathe easier

Electric cars are one of the most important choices we have to break our dependence on oil, clean up our air, improve our health and protect our climate. If you want to make EVs available everywhere, here’s what you can do:

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Already have an electric car? Bring friends and family together to show how your EV helps lower emissions and is a fun way to drive in Vermont.

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Write a letter to raise awareness

Become an advocate for clean air by explaining the role EV's have in preserving Vermont's beauty. Start with a template for a letter to your editor.

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No tailpipe emissions

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Melanie says climate action is one of her top reasons to buy and drive an EV.

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We bring electric cars to community events all summer.

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