How to host a driveway party

June 19, 2017
driveway party

One of the best ways to get more people to drive electric is to show them in person how great these vehicles are. If you own an electric car or know someone who does, put it on display at your next shindig. Below are some ideas to get you started. If you’re ready to name a date and location for your "demo" event, let us know and we’ll send you some free party favors!

Event ideas

  • Show off your wheels at the annual neighborhood block party (or start one)
  • Ask if you can bring your car to an existing staff or school event.
  • Charge up while you’re having a garage sale. Post a sign nearby: “Ask me about my electric car”
  • Include your electric car in community events, like 4th of July parades

Party schwag for your event

If you’ve got a date and location set for your local electric car showcase, let us know and we’ll provide even more resources for you. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you some schwag (balloons, vehicle clings, fact sheets, you get the idea). In some cases we might even be able to join you in person if you’d like some help!