What to buy/lease in Vermont: Chevy Volt

October 04, 2013

This post is the first in our series on electric cars available to purchase in Vermont.

Chevy Volt

$34,995 MSRP
$7,500 Federal electric-vehicle tax credit

Imagine: 98 miles per gallon!

Chevy’s tagline for the Volt is, “Electric when you want it, gas when you need it,” and it’s true.

The Chevy Volt is an extended range electric car that offers 38 miles of electric battery-powered driving before recharging is needed. For longer trips, the car’s gas engine will kick in, expanding range to 380 miles. With use of combined power sources the Volt offers 37 miles per gallon, but that figure climbs to the equivalent of 98 miles per gallon in electric vehicle (EV) mode—so many owners are making the most of running on electric power instead. With a five-star safety rating and great standard features, it’s an attractive buy.

Source: Green Car Reports

Visit your local dealer for more info

Alderman Chevrolet

65 Windcrest Road, Rutland


Cody Chevrolet

364 River Street,  Montpelier


Hand Chevrolet

4847 Main Street, Manchester


Shearer Chevrolet

1675 Shelburne Road, South Burlington



Photography: www.flickr.com