Then and Now: Vermont’s EV Story

December 28, 2021

Imagine if Vermonters had only ever driven electric cars?  Electric cars were invented before gas cars and in some parts of the USA, EVs accounted for 1/3 of all the vehicles on the road in the early days. Around the 1920s, better roads and inexpensive oil prices lead to gas cars becoming the dominant mode of personal transportation. We didn’t know the impact that gas cars would have on the planet back then. What if we knew then what we know now?

Can you imagine a Vermont where we plugged in our cars and trucks all along?

When it comes to the future of transportation, we can learn from the past.

In reality it would've been tough for Vermonters to skip over gasoline-powered vehicles since some parts of the state didn't get electric service until the 1940s or later. However, fast forward to today and Vermont is ready to be a national leader in EV-adoption. We have the most public charging stations per capita, plus incentives that bring down the cost of an EV. Transportation makes up 40% of Vermont’s total greenhouse gas emissions, which means that driving electric is one of the most impactful ways to keep the Green Mountain State green. So, whether you want a ride that’s easier to maintain, less expensive to run, faster, quieter, or better for the land, the open road is ready for you. Let’s Drive Electric, Vermont.

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