Reason #1 to Drive Electric

April 17, 2013

Bruce Bentley, Rutland, Vermont

REASON #1 TO DRIVE ELECTRIC: Saving Money on Gas

After one year, Bruce reports he has only used 40 gallons of gas. This is no small feat in a state like Vermont. How did Bruce do it? He is leasing a Chevy Volt which he uses on his daily commute and occasional longer trips to Montpelier and Burlington (about a 130 mile circuit). Bruce leases a Volt for a lower monthly cost than his old car. Gas savings over the course of the year have allowed him to meet personal goals to reduce money spent on transportation and lower his carbon footprint.

Bruce says, “I love my EV—it keeps me from doing something I hate, which is burning gas. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to waste their hard earned money on gas.”