How to Enjoy Vermont’s Fall Foliage in your EV

October 02, 2014

Autumn in Vermont is a time for scenic drives in hopes of capturing the elusive “peak” foliage. So how does an EV driver enjoy a nice long drive in the country? With a little planning and a map of EV charging stations, making your way around Vermont’s scenic foliage can be easy and stress free for both All Electric and Plug-in Hybrid drivers!

You can enjoy a drive in the country in your EV

Getting out for an extended tour of Vermont may seem tricky when you have an all electric vehicle. However, most drivers overestimate the miles in a round trip. It’s important to check the map and calculate the miles to your destination. Many vehicles have great navigation systems built-in showing range, distance to destination, and the closest charging station.

Along with being able to see the brilliant colors of Vermont, you will also be saving money on your drive. 130 miles in an EV costs about $7 in energy—the same drive in a car with an internal combustion engine (ICE) costs around $20. Charging at home or one of the many free public EV charging stations in Vermont will reap the greatest savings, but pay-to-use public charging stations are also available to expand your route possibilities at very reasonable cost. Planning ahead will ensure a great trip and more money to spend on lunch!

Planning Your Own Trip

Be prepared: Map it out

With the right knowledge and planning, you will not have any issue planning your drive. But to ensure that you know you will not run out of juice, plan ahead and map out where you want to go, local charging stations, and driving distances. The Drive Electric Vermont has a handy interactive map of charging stations all over Vermont. There are 42 charging stations all over the state—including prime foliage destinations like St Johnsbury, Montpelier, Stowe and Killington.

Extend your electric range

Take a look at our earlier post with range expanding tips to make sure you get the most out of your electric vehicle's battery.

Plan for longer stops and taking time to charge up

Take advantage of some grand fall rituals like apple cider doughnuts and maple cotton candy while your car charges up. Plan your trip to include a few hours of charging at a local fall festival, apple orchard, or farm while charging your vehicle nearby. Take a few hours to pick prime Vermont apples and pumpkins or get lost in a corn maze.

Local EV Guides

The Vermont Tourism and Marketing Department already has a large number of scenic drives that range from around 40 to 200 miles. These drives include a specific route and interesting attractions along the way.

Also, in conjunction with the Vermont Tourism and Marketing Department, we created a scenic drive itinerary specifically for EV owners.

Montpelier Stowe Area Scenic Drive

Central Vermont has many amazing views and interesting Vermont attractions. This EV oriented trip is a fun way to experience the rugged mountains, tranquil forests, and rich valleys in and around Lamoille and Washington County. This drive is a perfect experience for those wanting to see the foliage emission free.

Vermont EV Itinerary – Central Vermont Fall Foliage Tour

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