EV Charging Etiquette

August 01, 2021

Ready to go public with your EV-charging? Keep these simple etiquette tips in mind to help keep our public charging stations efficient, friendly, and accessible for all EV-drivers.

  • The main rule of parking at EV charging stations is that you should only be there when you are plugged in and actively charging your vehicle. Most EV drivers can use built-in apps to send a notification when charging is finished to know when to move. 
  • If you are going to be plugged in at a charging station for a long time and are ok with someone else unplugging your vehicle, you can leave a note on your dash or use one of these cards to let other drivers know when it is ok to unplug your EV. It is not recommended to unplug someone else's vehicle without prior permission - they might need a charge to get home, vehicle alarms can go off, and in some cases you may even damage the plug connector if it is locked to the vehicle.
  • When you leave a station please make sure the cord is hanging so it doesn't get dirty or damaged on the ground (especially true in winter when plows may snag cords).
  • If you encounter a malfunctioning charger please call it in to the station owner and check-in on PlugShare to get the equipment owner notified of the need for repairs and alert other EV drivers. If the charging location does not have a phone number posted you can contact us and we'll try to track down the owner to let them know of the problem.
  • If a gasoline powered car, also known as an internal combustion engine (ICE) car, is parked in an EV charging station space (known as getting "ICE’d"), then consider leaving a polite note requesting they avoid parking there in the future.