Electric Vehicle Charging at Vermont Lodging Establishments

November 06, 2013

The West Hill House B&B Story

Earlier this year, Peter MacLaren from West Hill House B&B in Warren went to the Drive Electric Vermont Demo Day in Montpelier to view and experience the latest electric vehicle models.  Lined up were the Tesla Roadster and Model S, the Nissan Leaf, the Ford C-Max Energi, the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius Plug-in. What was even more impressive than the cars themselves was the enthusiasm from the car owners for the new technology, and their message that the time had come for more electricity and less gas!
Peter was sufficiently inspired to research plug-in electric cars, charging systems, and organizations supporting EV ownership.
As a result, West Hill House B&B co-owners Peter and his wife Susan decided to trade in their 5-year old Prius for a new Prius Plug-in hybrid, and to make charging available for overnight West Hill House guests arriving with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
They recently installed one Level 2 240V charger for those looking to get a faster charge, and four of their parking spaces have access to Level 1 120V outlets for vehicle charging for guests who bring their own cable. All are provided on a complimentary basis to their overnight guests, and they request that you let them know ahead of time that you wish to use this facility.

Peter & Susan look forward to having EV and plug-in hybrid owners stay at the B&B, and learning more from them about their experiences with this fast growing revolution in personal transportation. West Hill House B&B is the top ranked Mad River Valley B&B on Trip Advisor, so you can be assured of a great stay for yourself, as well as electrons for your car.

Locating Charging Stations for your Stay

The State of Vermont is in the process of updating the Vermont Vacation Travel Planner to make it easier to locate lodging establishments with EV charging available. Our charging station page has more information on finding public EV charging options across the state and PlugShare currently lists a few additional Vermont establishments with EV charging available for guests, including West Hill House B&B (see list below). Many of these establishments do not yet have the standard Level 2 J-1772 connector charging available (referred to as an “EV Plug” on PlugShare), but some offer 240V charging which Tesla owners and others with plug adaptors could use and/or standard 120V outlets for Level 1 charging.

If you don't see your favorite place on the list, just ask when you make a reservation - many locations may be able to accommodate your charging needs with an outdoor outlet.